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Meet Our Instructors

Halifax Youth Sailing instructors are US Sailing Certified and use the latest in educational materials and techniques.

Cindy racing her Sunfish

Cindy Caron - A lifelong Floridian, Cindy moved to Daytona Beach in 1995. Sailing as crew for years, Cindy decided to put her experience to practical use by completing the US Sailing Instructor program teaching SailCamps. She's also been Secretary of Hobie Fleet 80 for the past ten years. Here she is racing her Sunfish in the All Women's Sunfish Regatta.

Steve Caron - President. Commodore of Hobie Fleet 80, Steve has been sailing multihulls forever and is a Coast Guard certified Captain and SailCamp veteran.

Pete Haley - Primary mover of the formation of HYS, Pete is also a multihull sailor of many years and well as a Coast Guard certified Captain.

Ryan Clarke - He was born and still lives in Port Orange, FL. He has grown up around many boats and loves nothing more than being on the water.  When he was thirteen he and his brother took the summer camps at the sailing center and has been sailing nonstop ever since. He has volunteered at camp for two summers and then became a certified US Sailing Instructor. He has spent the last three summers teaching camps alongside other instructors. Teaching sailing is something that he looks forward to everyday. Sailing is a sport of self sufficiency, as well as teamwork, strategy, complex thought and excitement. You meet so many people andlearn so many things. It's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle. One that I hope to introduce to every person that I teach.

Delaney Caron - She has been sailing for her entire life. She has been helping at the camp with HYS for five years. She sails many boats such as a Hobie 16 all the way to an Opti. She learned to sail her own boat when she was 7 years old, and she did the camps that she is now helping with as an assistant instructor. Joining the youth race team changed her life. She now is a member of the sailing team at the University of South Florida. 


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