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Steve Caron - President

Steve Caron

I became interested in sailing as a child on vacation trips to Mystic Seaport Connecticut. I've always been fascinated by the old sailing ships and their majestic look as they cross the water. At the age of 14 I moved to Florida and lived in an apartment complex that had a small lake. My mom would give me a few dollars to rent a boat, so I taught myself how to sail a Sunfish. A few years later, while in high school, my best friend’s next-door neighbor, who had a Hobie 18, asked him and I if we'd like to go for a ride. We did, and we were hooked from that point on. That summer we saved all our money and bought a Hobie 16.

Over the years, I've sailed many different boats including dingies, keel boats and, of course, catamarans. In 1995 I move to Daytona Beach and became a member of Halifax Sailing Association and also a member of Hobie Fleet 80. As a member of HSA I started helping with sailing classes. Later, I began helping with Summer SailCamp. It then became apparent that there was a need for a year-round youth program at HSA, so in 2007, Pete Haley and I, along with a group of other sailing parents, formed Halifax Youth Sailing. At this point, HYS has been responsible for teaching thousands of kids how to sail, helping them truly discover a skill that can last a lifetime.

One of the things that brings me the most enjoyment is seeing kids discover the independence and confidence that sailing can bring. Some of our HYS sailors have gone on to sail at the collegiate level. We've also seen many of our sailors grow to be outstanding citizens, with amazing careers, in their respective cities and towns.

Noel Pelella - Vice President
Pete Haley - Board Member
Open - Fleet Captain



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