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Racing To Excellence!

Halifax Youth Sailing utilizes US Sailing protocols and standards for racing at all levels.

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Optimist Race Team
  • Laser Race Team
  • High School Sailing Team

Many instructional sailing programs are offering something for their beginning sailors - a US SAILING Small Boat Sailor Certification Record Book (“Little Red Book”), perfect for recording skills learned and tested in dinghies, multihulls or small, open daysailing keelboats. Skills can be “signed off” by a US SAILING certified instructor in one of two wind speeds. Upon completion of the skills in any one wind speed, the student can send their completed record book to US SAILING, along with the appropriate fee, and receive a US SAILING Official Logbook complete with a colorful, holographic-style sticker noting level of skills completed in one or more wind speeds. The student’s original record book will then be returned for further possible use. 

Students interested in more advanced performance sailing can move on to the Small Boat Sailor Performance Sailing Certification Record Book, or “Little Green Book”. The Little Green Book documents accomplishment of such skills as rounding a mark or sailing a windward leg, and can also be submitted to US SAILING for certification.



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